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Did you dream to visit Russia?
Are you interested in Russia, caves, mountains, rivers in the Urals?
Do you want to see the city of Perm from the movie "Real boys"?
How to relax in Russia, the Urals, in Perm?
We are an experienced transport company.
Our transport company has been transporting passengers since 2004.
During this time we have transported more than 10 000 000 passengers.
      We will help you:
v   Go to Russia;
v   Organize a tour to the Urals;
v   Accommodation in Russia;
v   Visit caves and mountains in the Urals;
v   Go rafting on the Ural river;
v   Visit the famous Kungur cave;
v   Conquer the great mountains;
v   Make a bus order for a tour to the place of power;
v   Rent a micro bus, van;
v   See other sights of Russia and the Urals.
We make a good and safe holiday in Russia:
v  Rent a bus, minibus for large and small groups of foreign tourists;
v  Visiting cultural and sports attractions of Russia;
v Trip to Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Kungur, Tyumen and other cities of Russia;
v  Meals on the trip;
v  Experienced tour guide;
v  Full package of documents;
v  Passenger insurance;
v  Driving licenseю.

Автобус-пермь.рф +7342 247-18-19
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